A solution that meets your needs according to your activity

Customer Services 

Manage operational efficiency, ensure better accessibility to the brand, reinvent the customer experience, alignment of your customers’ objectives and challenges, team responsiveness and accountability are essential elements to ensure greater satisfaction. clients.

Centralize & Harmonize your display projects

Our Logepal Visual Management solution connected to contact center and telephony solutions on the market is accessible in Agent Desktop mode or in LCD screen display mode. It allows you to share in real time your internal communications, your quality and management indicators, customer feedback and much more.

A solution approved by remote customer relations experts and outsourcers

Agile and customizable, it is part of the objective of maximizing customer value and engaging employees. Many outsourcing professionals have already chosen the solution to have real-time indicators, monitor activity, manage incoming calls, customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns, content moderation and recovery receivables.

Helpdesk IT

Display a real-time shared view of your application fleet on Screen

The connectors to ITSM solutions (Servicenow, Jira, etc.) of the LOGEPAL solution allow you to have on LCD screen, PC, tablet, key information related to IT support activities (major incidents, planned production releases, etc.) just a glance.

Whatever the device and the organization (24/7 support team, multi-sites with different time slots and amplitudes), the wallboards are customizable and visible to all. The information thus available makes it possible to mobilize, empower and motivate the teams with the aim of improving customer satisfaction.

Have a review of priorities in a changing production context

Displaying relevant information, the solution allows you to have a real-time report directly linked to incoming interactions. Thus, you gain agility to adjust priorities according to the events of the day, take the decisions and actions necessary to increase performance, quality and responsiveness.

The possibility of triggering visual alarms according to objectives and critical thresholds defined upstream will allow you to distinguish, display and deal with abnormal situations. This transparent view of the state of the application base strengthens customer relations and business knowledge of IT support.


Pilot, follow, manage the commercial activity. Have levers to improve customer acquisition, loyalty and retention.

Thanks to Salesforce CRM connectors, Dynamics CRM and many other tools on the market, your commercial campaigns are facilitated and allow you to optimize the actions of conquest, expansion, commercial rebound. LOGEPAL offers you to have display projects dedicated to the 360° activity.

Depending on the profile (Director, Account Manager, Business Development, etc.), you have specific views, shared or not. You can easily adapt projects with information from the CRM for better customer knowledge, from the knowledge base for better relevance of information around your products or services. You share alerts on your activities, your promotions, your objectives, your activity pipe, your top customers and prospects, your use cases.

Orchestrate your challenges, respond to managerial issues.

Create your personalized Wallboards, Dashboards, with a visual identity declined by activity, products, services, team for more commitment, mobilization, belonging. With the Gamification module, digitize your business challenges, motivate your teams and gain market share.

Finally, celebrate your commercial successes, enhance your customer cases, your testimonials, your references, your best sales, your lead funnel… With LOGEPAL, everything is possible!


Enhance the Employer Brand, Access information at any time, promote news in digital mode

Internal communication makes it possible to disseminate information and enhance the employer brand. Each individual belonging to an organization is a link in the chain of communication. Digital signage positioned in strategic places is a very effective tool and allows the brand to broadcast a lot of content on the life of the company, its offer, its businesses, its news.

In the Reception Hall > Disseminate Corporate information about the company and welcome your visitors, your customers, your partners.

In the Meeting Room > enhance operational information or content on product offers, services, team news.

In break rooms, common areas, lounges > Announce new arrivals, distribute information at a glance, the internal and external newsletter, communicate on the life of the company.

In regional entities or production units > Relay information from headquarters, safety rules, legal obligations, local news

And everywhere, make your personalized displays moments of celebration, announcement of events to animate, mobilize and promote your brand with employees, capture the attention of your community.

The solution allows you to disseminate corporate and operational information, on security rules, legal obligations…and on the life of the company via multiple formats (PPT, WORD, Videos, Social Networks,…).

In real time, you can communicate messages, alerts, instructions in proactive mode or on the spot. Make your screens, real Meeting Points, points of attraction!