Customer Support

Activeo’s Support Hour is based on the priority level of your ticket and the type of maintenance contract. If you wish to extend our support beyond regular hours, you can find out more under our extended maintenance agreements.

Notification d'incident, diagnostic, résolution, escalade, intervention

Procedure for opening a ticket:

Click on the button below to open a ticket. You are required to complete the form by filling up your contact details and describing the problem that had occurred- notes on specific actions taken that leads to the problem, resulted outcome and expected outcome should be stated. Screenshots are recommended to allow us to understand your situation better.

Our experts will review your ticket and may request additional information – if required.

Once the problem has been determined, Activeo will carry out the actions necessary to resolve it. Note that remote intervention to your system might be needed to restore operations.

Closing a ticket: Our hotline team will contact you to confirm on the resolution before closing the ticket.

Progressive Maintenance: To prevent the problem reoccurence, our experts may recommend you maintenance services based on your service request.

If you have opted for the maintenance services, Activeo will provide you these add-on services:

  • Technical performance Audit
  • Status reporting on incidents and follow up
  • Information on the upgrades that are implemented and upcoming new features
  • A maintenance document on the consistency of the system
  • Case tracking on every service request until it has been resolved


Our dedicated monitoring team is readly to answer your service request to assist you. If required, we would intervene remotely to fix any potential problems in your system.

Under performing is not an option. In Activeo, we offer personalized, proactive and collaboratively support capabilities taht can help you better manage your system change, performance, upgrades and dianose issue.

According to the official procedure bellow, each case will be managed until the stage of closing the ticket. Regular updates will be given throughout the process.

  • Open a case: Upon completion of the form, you will be followed-up with a case number and progression support.
  • Diagnosis: Our experts will access your system remotely and identify the problem
  • Escalation: Incident will be escalated to the support team to decide on the resolution
  • Intervention: Depending on the severity of the problem, there could be cases of on-site intervention or replacement of the defective equipment.