The solution that meets your IT support needs

Helpdesk IT

Whatever the device and the organization (24/7 support team, multi-sites with different time slots and amplitudes), the wallboards are customizable and visible to all. The information thus available makes it possible to mobilize, empower and motivate the teams with the aim of improving customer satisfaction.


Display a real-time shared view of your application fleet on Screen

The connectors to ITSM solutions (Servicenow, Jira, etc.) of the LOGEPAL solution allow you to have on LCD screen, PC, tablet, key information related to IT support activities (major incidents, planned production releases, etc.) just a glance.

Have a review of priorities in a changing production context

Displaying relevant information, the solution allows you to have a real-time report directly linked to incoming interactions. Thus, you gain agility to adjust priorities according to the events of the day, take the decisions and actions necessary to increase performance, quality and responsiveness.

The possibility of triggering visual alarms according to objectives and critical thresholds defined upstream will allow you to distinguish, display and deal with abnormal situations. This transparent view of the state of the application base strengthens customer relations and business knowledge of IT support.


The best for your Helpdesk!