Piloter la performance, visualiser les indicateurs, diffuser les contenus

The performance management solution

LOGEPAL is a a comprehensive set of monitoring and analytics capabilities that are designed for contact centres and IT helpdesks.

The solution allow for layout customisation and displaying of data from several sources like ACD (such as Cisco, Avaya/Nortel, Genesys, Alcatel, etc.), CRM, WFM, Quality Monitoring tool or any database through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

It is a one-stop solution aiming to:

  • Monitor relevant KPIs
  • Visualize and measure the overall/individual performance in real-time
  • Manage operational teams and activity and allow easy communication with agents
  • Achieve productivity and quality of service goals
  • Coordinate between teams and management of priorities

Performance Management made easy

Specifically designed for customer relationship environment, the LOGEPAL solution can provide the business intelligence to drive higher efficiency and manage operations more effectively.

With access to real-time data and critical metrics, it can facilitate decision-making and the implementation of actions.







Pilotage de la performance méthodologie MADA : Mesurer Analyser Décider Agir

the visual management solution dedicated to:

Animate and motivate the operational teams: each one visualizes the results obtained and the remaining road to reach the objectives.

Promote performance and response to business issues.

Pilot and have a shared vision in real time of the different activities according to the operational context, users can adapt their actions and react according to their roles, their prerogatives and the defined rules.

Relay general or specific type of communication: Display of content or contextual information to better handle customer requests or increase the staff performance.

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*  this study was conducted by Activeo with its customers (2017 survey, 115 clients surveyed)