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Logepal also allows us to share alert messages, for example in the event of a technical incident or a problem in a branch, triggering a BCP (Business Continuity Plan). As a daily companion, Logepal meets the needs of production management, and the advisors are attached to it!“

Catherine Couton

Planner at Banque Populaire Rives de Paris

The migration in version 6.3 which has just been successfully operated by the Activeo experts team will allow us to have functional and technical evolutions while keeping the security and the stability of the environment. Also, we work closely with […]

Loïc Kern

System and Network engineer - Euro Information.

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 “News, weather and traffic conditions, and other contextual information are also displayed on the screens and summarized in the Logepal projects. This dynamic working environment is widely appreciated by the teams and allows RAJA to combine performance and […] “

Sylvain Mariau

Application, Sales and Marketing Manager at RAJA

“Tomorrow, we intend to connect our CRM to LOGEPAL to view business metrics or for example, broadcast other content from our satisfaction surveys. We are also considering the use of global screens displaying indicators aggregated worldwide […]”

Jean-Pierre Nicolas

Customer Care Excellence Program Manager

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“As part of the development of our centers, we plan to deploy the Logepal solution on our new platforms. We also plan to use this technology to deliver welcome messages, weather, traffic and other information to our account managers.”

Stéphane Rebert

Pre-Sales Manager of Webhelp