RAJA: Logepal at the service of real-time monitoring and management indicators.

RAJA: Logepal at the service of real-time monitoring and management indicators.

If RAJA has more than 700,000 satisfied customers in Europe, it is above all thanks to its commercial offer, the quality of its service, its multi-channel strategy and its international development. Established in 18 European countries and with the largest product catalogue in this market with nearly 120,000 products, the RAJA Group has become the undisputed leader in the distribution of packaging, supplies and equipment for business.

Very early on, RAJA integrated multi-channel into the heart of its strategy in order to offer its customers a multiplicity of interaction ways guaranteeing proximity and reactivity. A promise of service and a sense of commitment that is expressed through 4 channels of catalogues, the web and its e-commerce platform, its field sales force and the dedicated inside sales team.

And to visualize in real time the management of the order and shipping activities, RAJA has chosen Logepal.
“The solution allows us to meet the business challenges by having a real-time view on the turnover generated towards the target but also on the volume of orders. We decrypt the customer situtation with reports according to the customer database. These indicators are very precious to us and allow the teams to be more reactive and proactive. The solution is also present in our warehouses in collective display to have relevant information on the status of the order and its preparation as well as on shipments” says Sylvain Mariau, Application, Sales and Marketing Manager at RAJA.

 “News, weather and traffic conditions, and other contextual information are also displayed on the screens and summarized in the Logepal projects. This dynamic working environment is widely appreciated by the teams and allows RAJA to combine performance and employee commitment, satisfaction and customer knowledge. “concludes Sylvain Mariau.

Schneider Electric chooses Logepal for the real-time display of its customer care center's key performance indicators.

Schneider Electric chooses Logepal for the real-time display of its customer care center's key performance indicators.

Schneider Electric, a worldwide specialist in energy management and automation, provides its clients with a global coverage, through its 40 Customer Care Centers spread over 3 geographic hubs: Europe, Pacific-Asia, and America. Each day, more than 3,000 Schneider Electric advisers manage the commercial and technical support in addition to managing the controls for all the customers and businesses covered by Schneider Electric services.

“ We have chosen LOGEPAL as part of our Customer Care Excellence program launched in 2011 to simplify and homogenize the processes, organization and technical solutions (CRM, telephony, CTI,…) used by all of our Customer Care Centers throughout the world.  It is an ambitious project that primarily focuses on the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our relationships, says Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Customer Care Excellence Program Manager at Schneider Electric. We have a hundred very different sites in terms of support quality, usage, communication by region and country”

To complete this plan, based primarily on centralized platforms and applications, a project of real-time information display titled “Wallboard” has been launched. This project makes the key data for the team’s activities available to the Customer Care Center Advisers. According to the regions and the expectations of the centers, LOGEPAL distributes real-time telephone statistics, the agent status, complemented by web and powerpoint content,… Information on development trends are also available for viewing activity fluctuations. Visual alerts also complete the graphically rich dashboards.

“We were attracted to the LOGEPAL value proposition, consisting of: solution quality, flexibility and customization. The Activeo teams have factored in our business concerns well and have recommended developments that meet our business requirements.”

At the heart of the plan, LOGEPAL facilitates decision making and anticipation through performance indicators. As an exchange and communication tool, it takes part in team management, promotes leadership and accountability. In the end, it is a tool that contributes to the responsiveness and efficiency of the teams and as such, directly affects the improvement of customer satisfaction, the main goal of Schneider Electric CCC teams.

“Tomorrow, we intend to connect our CRM to LOGEPAL to view business metrics or for example, broadcast other content from our satisfaction surveys. We are also considering the use of global screens displaying indicators aggregated worldwide.”, added Jean-Pierre Nicolas.”We have been using LOGEPAL since 2015, and are attentive to developments to the solution which continually gives us greater added value. Novelties like mobility on smartphone and tablet or alerting via email have also seduced us,” concludes Jean-Pierre Nicolas.