“Logepal at the heart of visual management”

Euro-Information has been Crédit Mutuel’s technology subsidiary for four decades and manages the information systems of 16 Crédit Mutuel groups (Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale – the federations of Crédit Mutuel Centre Est Europe, Sud-Est, Île-de-France, Savoie-Mont Blanc, Midi-Atlantique, Loire-Atlantique and Centre Ouest, Centre, Normandie, Dauphiné-Vivarais, Méditerranéen, Anjou, Massif Central and Antilles-Guyane -, Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe, Crédit Mutuel Maine-Anjou, Basse-Normandie and Crédit Mutuel Océan), all the CIC banks and all the subsidiaries operating in the financial, technology, insurance, real estate, consumer credit, private banking and financing sectors.
The company shares the values of Crédit Mutuel: innovation, proximity and solidarity, while always keeping technology at the service of people.

It was in 2018 that Euro Information acquired Logepal to manage its customer relations centers in real time.

Today, 17 of our subsidiaries and entities in France and in Europe use the solution mainly in the customer relations centers that have the highest volume of interactions”, explains Loïc Kern, System and Network Engineer at Euro Information. We were seduced by the functional coverage of the solution and by the degree of user autonomy made possible by the simplicity of the tool.

The SQL connector allows you to display additional business information and the video, PowerPoint and message components allow you to broadcast internal communication content. Not to mention the alert engine and the push of instructions for reactive management.

Voice interaction channels, as well as chat, WhatsApp and other digital channels are used for inbound and outbound banking activities. The 200 platform supervisors use the LogePilot module to design projects, animate them and develop them according to the needs expressed by the entities.

We have a repository of templates offering a bouquet of rich and varied display projects; they integrate the graphic charter of each brand, the layout of cells, graphic components, preference indicators and colors.

Thus, the entities are inspired to perfect and personalize their visual project and adapt them to the geographical or business context. My role as “super user” and Logepal referent is to administer the solution as well as to advise, recommend, arbitrate according to the uses and practices.

The migration in version 6.3 which has just been successfully operated by the Activeo experts team will allow us to have functional and technical evolutions while keeping the security and the stability of the environment. Also, we work closely with the Application Software entity of Activeo to bring up evolution tracks and participate to the co-creation of the future of Logepal, concludes Loïc Kern.