” Webhelp has chosen Logepal for the management of its contact centers”

As an international call center operator, Webhelp is one of the major players in customer relationship outsourcing. The Group now has more than 5,500 employees, 19 contact centers and has dual ISO 9001 and NF Service certification.

Committed to a sustainable development approach and with continuous growth, the group has an image of a modern citizen society and offers a range of offers (consulting, integration, technology publishing and service delivery) in multichannel mode (Telephone, E-mail, Mail, Fax, Chat, Back-office) and multilingual.

As part of the implementation of a real-time management and flow supervision solution, Webhelp has chosen Logepal, a reporting management solution published by Activeo.It combines real-time operational vision, organization, responsiveness while offering a complete visualization of performance and achievement of objectives.

“Thanks to the LogePal solution, Webhelp disseminates relevant information to its contact centers to help achieve customer objectives and quality management.

The information presented comes from sources of different types (telephony, database, audio/video stream,…) for maximum adherence to the project context of our customers. As decision making help in the daily activity, both of account managers and supervisors, the Logepal system is very reliable” says Stéphane Rebert, Pre-Sales Manager of Webhelp.

Real technological showcases, the Caen and Vitré sites have chosen Logepal technology  associated with LCD screen supports.

A project of more than 150 Logepal licenses combining an equivalent number of media without forgetting the LogeView add-on, the individual display that allows Webhelp tele-operators  to be able to visualize graphs and data on their workstation.

Thus, the broadcast can mix statistics, graphics, images or videos.

A real wealth of display that offers comfort and efficiency to the contact center environment.

“As part of the development of our centers, we plan to deploy the Logepal solution on our new platforms. We also plan to use this technology to deliver welcome messages, weather, traffic and other information to our account managers.”, concludes Stéphane Rebert.