“Logepal the essential tool for steering”

Specialised in the accompaniment and support of individuals and professionals, Banque Populaire currently has 9.5 million customers and is present in 12 regions in France. Banque Populaire is part of the BPCE group which also includes the Caisses d’Epargne.

Banque Populaire Rives de Paris maintains close contact with its 725,000 customers through a network of more than 200 sales outlets.

The customer relations centre, which is located at three sites in Morangis, St-Denis and Paris, currently has several activities and employs around one hundred teleconsultants to answer the 2,500 calls per day:

-The generalist activity to allow maximum accessibility for the customer with extended hours from 8am to 9pm, and to respond to customers when the bank branch is closed,

– digital activity to facilitate the customer’s journey on the Internet and solve connection problems,

– the specialised activity: split into 2 sub-activities with advisers dedicated to insurance and non-life insurance calls and the unit dedicated to inbound and outbound calls for commercial rebound and call-backs in the context of abandonment.

Developing customer proximity 

“Our organisation was stabilised in 2021 to be able to respond to all customer needs, regardless of the request and the origin of the call, whether the customer is known or not, via the Salesforce CRM for digital customers or via our internal database. Even today, we receive many requests by email to make an appointment in a branch, for example,” says Catherine Couton.

The Logepal solution connected to the Genesys technology is present on the 3 sites with differentiated displays according to the activity. The emphasis is on the display of telephone indicators: number of advisors at rest, number of calls on hold, number of calls handled as well as the pick-up rate.

For the so-called “specialised” activity, on the other hand, the screens have two parts offering, in addition to the telephone indicators, the number of incoming calls to boost the activity.

“Our objective is maximum accessibility to the brand for all our customers”, explains Catherine Couton, Planner at Banque Populaire Rives de Paris. The very high call pick-up rate is the reference indicator for all the teams involved, not forgetting the quality of the response. Our advisors, who work in the branches, have developed expertise in many areas and a genuine proximity to the customer.

“Logepal also allows us to share alert messages, for example in the event of a technical incident or a problem in a branch, triggering a BCP (Business Continuity Plan). As a daily companion, Logepal meets the needs of production management, and the advisors are attached to it!

Individual display in teleworking mode

With the introduction of teleworking, we intend to make the individual Logeview banner available to all advisers to transfer the collective display into the individual environment, a feature much awaited by employees. We also plan to review the ergonomics of the display projects, to enrich the system by adding emails and to provide for the animation of challenges via the gamification module.