RICH display

Logepal is compatible with 3 types of display devices to suit all needs : LED panels (wallboards), LCD screens and PC displays.

The number of displays will never be a problem: LOGEPAL can handle hundreds of displays on multiple locations worldwide


Visual management: Variety ways of viewing


  • Multimedia display (images, videos, text, etc.)
  • Rich communication
  • Rich graphics and visual animations
  • Screens with embedded computers


  • Historically the first collective displays for contact centres
  • Limited visual effects
  • Concise communication (text and data only)


  • Individual display on PC through the web browser
  • Follow individual and team objectives
  • Complements collective screens
  • Appreciated by agents


  • Individual display on smartphones or tablets through IOS & Android Apps
  • Dashboard view for supervisors, Managers or Board

Possible example of a display project with the new version of LOGEPAL:


Efficient Communication

With LOGEPAL, supervisors and manager are able to send message instantly to one or several displays be it specific, time-to-time or through pre-defined rules.

LOGEPAL has supported various communication form: images, internet pages, PowerPoint Presentation, video and social network media

Graphics can be integrated perfectly with real-time statistics and data tables. You can combine sequences according to your needs.

management visuel d'un centre de contact

Ease of use

LOGEPAL is operated through a highly intuitive and easy-to-use Graphic User interface which allow supervisors to manage and respond operation with the ability of directing resources through the system

With Security being a concern, LOGEPAL also allow to customize visibility for all level of organisation

And yet, security has not been forgotten and it’s possible to define right access to certain data and display can be easily managed and classified in the system.