The LOGEPAL solution has been conceived specifically for the environment of contact centers.

LOGEPAL is a modular solution that fits to all technical environments (ACD,CTI,Databases). Easy to set, LOGEPAL adapts itself to all operational configurations, mono or multi-sites and all size of activities, from a few positions to several thousands.

LogeStudio is the configuration interface of LOGEPAL

Interconnection with the different data sources is defined, object models and associated statistics are defined.
If necessary, you can create calculation formulas to make averages, sums or simply create your own indicators.

We will then set up a “domain” tree, declare the LCD displays and create the users with their access profile in order to adjust the contents and displays to your organization. If you wish, you can configure the notification system according to your monitoring rules.

Finally, LogeStudio is above all the design tool for poster projects where you will live your content and animate your data.