LOGEPAL offers a very strong connectivity to data sources and knows how to interconnect to all ACD and CTI systems on the market.
Its technical architecture and software structure make it possible to handle very large volumes of data, which is essential for visual management where many indicators have to be managed with high refresh rates.

The diagram bellow illustrates the various components of the LOGEPAL solution: 

LOGEPAL is particularly used for:

  • Collect significant KPIs for your business
  • Federate different sources of data: Web, media, indicators from your telephony system, CRM, HR tool or ticketing solution!


The connectors

Connectors play the role of interface between the modules of LOGEPAL and real-time data sources. There are two types of connectors:

  • LogeLink connectors permit to collect statistic data from ACDs or CTI servers. Activeo offers a specific connector for each major system providers.
  • Each connector is configured to receive statistic data depending on the client requirements, for instance: number of waiting calls for the different agent teams, total handled calls, instant quality of service, etc
  • LOGEPAL Gateway connectors permit data collection from any database (Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL)
  • Meaning that in addition to the data from the telephony systems (ACD), data from business applications such as CRM or any other database can be displayed. For example: current sales, current pending emails, etc.

The connectors are configured to receive statistic data that is relevant for the customer’s activity.

We are also able to develop new connectors if there is an API (interface) to access your data …

These data, once collected, LOGEPAL allows to:

  • Design digital signage projects and manage their properties: rotation frequency, diffusion zones, etc.
  • Disseminate internal content
  • View generic, specific, or calculated indicators
  • Motivate and animate teams
  • Pass instructions in real time (messages)

All on LEDs, LCDs, PCs, tablets and smartphones.