Installation & Commissioning

Standard installation package :

The standard LOGEPAL installation package includes the following services:

  • Project kick-off meeting
  • Drafting of functional and technical specifications in correlation with requirements gathering
  • Installation of the LOGEPAL software suite in accordance with validated specifications
  • Design of display projects
  • Solution testing and acceptance
  • User training
  • Production launch
  • Drafting of operating deliverables
  • VSR on demand

Customized support :

In the case of a customized implementation project, a rigorous multi-stage approach is preferred:

The customer’s technical and operational teams will be called upon to :

  • Gathering functional requirements and validating specifications
  • Supply servers and technical prerequisites reviewed and validated jointly at the start of the project
  • Installation on IT premises and integration into the information system
  • Training
  • Display configuration
  • Acceptance of the solution and commissioning

An acceptance report will validate acceptance of the solution and its installation. Failing this, commissioning of the solution is tantamount to a final acceptance without reservation.

Additional services :

Activeo offers a complete range of services to operate, improve and anticipate developments linked to the LOGEPAL solution:

  • Audit: Expertise enabling control and advice, based on the drafting of a document representing the “state of play” at the customer’s premises. This will enable us to define and prepare the appropriate actions to bring the project to a successful conclusion.
  • Periodic visit: Ensuring preventive and predictive maintenance.
    Evolutionary and corrective maintenance: Implementation of the latest patches and software updates, including the addition of new solution functionalities.
  • Training: Several training modules are available, depending on the profile and skill level required. See all our training courses.