Guiding Business Needs & Objectives

Guilding LOGEPAL Media Center answers all the expectations of the different actors on a contact center.

Managers have to organize communication and animation on the contact center according to their need and various operational goals to reach.

  • Multiple data sources, performance indicators and metrics
  • Dynamics display, variable in time and changing according to specific conditions
  • Flexible operational structure : multiple teams, multiple activities, multiples sites


Supervisors wish to manage their teams and activities at their best

  • View level of activities and notified of alerts
  • Communicate and remind operatioal rules
  • Team awareness


Customer advisors or agents desire to be informed immediately

  • Instant operational status and performance
  • Instructions, news, specific events and situation
  • Follow-up of personal activity and results

Real-time Performance Montoring for Managers, Supervisors and Agents



Organizing communication and animation according to their specific needs
and the objectives to achieve


  • Aggregate data & monitor performance indicators (KPI)
  • Dynamic real-time information display
  • Functionnalities cover: multiple-competence, multiple-activities & multiple-sites


Wishing better manager their teams
to pilot activities


  • Team management & traffic monitoring
  • Visualise activity levels & set alerts
  • Apply operational management decisions
  • Informs & communicate with agents


Wanting to be kept informed all the time about activity and to have
a successful environment


  • Access to real-time information
  • Instant awareness of deviation to take steps to positively impact operations
  • Follow-up personnal & team results as compared to the set objectives