Project management

Having experts in the customer contact center and IT helpdesks management, Activeo can extend a global management throughout the stages of your projects.

The Project Manager: A dedicated contact person throughout the projet, who is equiped with functional, technical and organizational understanding of the contact centres.
He provides direction to the project team and will be committed to the objectives of cost/deadlines/quality defined at the initial stage.

The Technical Expert: In charge of the overall architecture coherence, implementation and configuration of the solution. He also provides trainings to users, provides a report for all the deliverables.

The Consultant: Expert in the areas of customer strategies, organisation, performance and processes, Duty includes understanding of business needs.
He will be leading the workshops and closely with the functional teams for the drafting of synthesis specifying :

  • Objectives of the business
  • Definition of key performance indicators for monitoring (frequency, treshold alerts, size, message…)
  • Limitations of the displayed project

The Designer: Working in the field of design, he is involved in the display project design. His responsabilities involve in creating the project layout & visual mock-ups.


The project methodology used by Activeo has proven its efficiency throughout the projects.

It is composed of 4 main phases:

  • Project initiation
  • Project implementation
  • Regular service support and validation
  • Assessment and optimization