LOGEPAL is also a solution designed to be used in the field by supervisors and operational actors of the contact center.

No need for special technical knowledge to create and manage advanced and highly professional displays.

However, security has not been forgotten, and it is possible to define the rights of access to data and displays according to different profiles consistent with your organization and the operational responsibilities of each.

Alarms & Alerts 


LOGEPAL offers various kinds of alarms used for each specific situation

  • Change components appearence
  • Change the displayed sequence
  • Individual notice (« pop-up »)

The managers can set threshold on critical KPIs monitored by LogePal to trigger visual effects on the display and send alert pop-ups to LogeView users. The visual appearance of the components can be entirely customized to change when the alert is active (size, colour, font, etc.).
In addition, the display sequence between the pages can also be modified.


Planning display sequences:

  • Schedule different displays in order to display the right information at the right time